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Combination Recovery Process

To start the process we will need a Notarized Statement of ownership.

Notarized Statement of Ownership:

For you and your safe's security, you'll need a Notarized Statement of Ownership. The statement of ownership did not come with your safe and is an added security measure. The statement is an official document that proves you own the safe and is notarized by a licensed Notary.

Tip Your bank may offer a free notary service.

Did you register your safe online?

Sentry Safe does not store your username or password, therefore we are unable to recover them if misplaced. Please place your username and password in a safe and secure location. If you prefer a secure online storage option, we encourage you visit

Do You Have a Notarized Statement of Ownership?


Notary Form

For you and your safe's security, you'll need a Notarized Statement of Ownership to recover your combination. This statement and process allows Sentry Safe to know who you are and prevents your combination falling into the wrong hands.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Fill out and print the online notary form or download the notary form pdf.
  2. Have the completed statement notarized Tip: Your bank may offer a free notary service.
  3. Come back to Sentry Safe and continue the next steps to recovery your combination.
Online Notary Statement Download Notary Statement PDF

Model Number & Serial Number

Your safe's model number and serial number will be needed for the notary form.

Where do I find my Model and Serial Number?

I Have My Notarized Statement

Combination Recovery process and costs

Once your notary form has been received, it can take up to 7-10 business days for processing before your replacement combo is sent to you. There is a (USD) non-refundable charge for all replacement requests.

Expedited processing requests are available for an additional fee and take 1-2 business days to process once the request is received.

Tax Exempt

Tax exempt customers should contact Customer Service by phone at 800-828-1438 or email

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